Thursday, July 12, 2012


We adopted Spidey, from MWBTR, and he's been with us for about 2 1/2 years. He is currently 71/2 yrs old and still has a great amount of energy. He loves to play in the yard, but also loves a good snuggle at the end of the day.

Spidey has brought us great joy. We love our Boston very much. We had other dogs, in the past, but nothing compares to this experience. Everything has been great and I have met some really great people in all of this too.

We still keep in contact with Spidey's foster family also. He came from a home that didn't treat him all that great. He had some trust issues when meeting new people. You couldn't pet him on his head, or pick him up. He didn't really care for small children.

Since Spidey spent about 5 months with his awesome foster home, and has been with us, he has really come out of his shell. We worked to socialize him even more and he has made huge progress. Everybody who meets Spidey loves him. He has a great charm about him. He greets people with excitement and even allows my 8 yr old niece to pet him and play with him just like anyone else. I believe his favorite out of us is our 17 yr old son.

Truly a great experience and I say, at least once a month, that we should add another one to our home. Truly, truly the greatest dog we have ever owned. :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh Henry!

Let's just say that this little guy "found me."

Henry's foster mom did a wonderful job. I could tell she was sad to say goodbye. Henry, AKA Captain America will have a safe, loving and super comfy life.

Henry's first day at home was an eventful one. He met his brothers and sister and all went better than expected. He can almost outrun his sister Phyllis, an Australian Cattle dog mix. And that is saying something.

Henry also seems to like his booster seat while riding in the car. Today is his first hiking adventure, but no worries. If he gets tired, he'll get a ride in my fanny pack.

Thank you so much for putting us together. It was simply fate.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bean (AKA Coco)

After waiting a year after losing our beloved beagle, my step mom and I decided to take the initiative to start a search for a new addition to the family. After visiting Boston to see family in the summer and meeting so many wonderful Bostons and their owners I knew that a BT would be the perfect edition to our family. We've always had rescue dogs and other animals, and stumbled upon MWBTR. Bean (formerly known as Coco) stuck out to us immediately with the adorable little dot on top of her head! Within a week we arranged a home visit and met the sweetest Boston and could not wait to meet our little Bean!

When my family and I first arrived at Bean's foster home we immediately picked her out of the four other Bostons competing for our attention. Bean was by far the spazziest dog we had ever met, especially for being nine years old! She ran around the house and wiped out when she attempted to turn a corner to bring us a toy. We instantly knew we were in love.

However, on the long car ride back to Columbus from Lima we were amazed to find that she had settled down and curled up into a tiny 'Boston ball' on my lap. Bean blended in perfectly to our family almost immediately. Our house is a revolving door for friends, family and foster kittens but no matter who she meets she always greets them with her favorite rope toy and precious little piggy noises!

Bean had an operation before her adoption to remove a stage 1 mass on her back left leg, this mass resurfaced last year but we're happy to report that she's been doing just fine ever since!

I'm currently going to school to become a Veterinary Technician due to my love for animals, and Bean has been a constant reminder of the unconditional love and friendship animals give us. She is truly my best friend and goes wherever I go- whether it's hanging out on the couch, walking around downtown or hitting the dog park, Bean loves to go everywhere and meet everyone! My family and I cannot thank MWBTR enough for all of the hard work that they do for these dogs, Bean is such a huge part of our family and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my best friend!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vinny aka Rudy aka Vinny aka Rudolph aka MWBTR #OH395

Vinny aka Rudolph had a tough & confusing life before MWBTR. Vinny was rescued at about age 5 from his former life as a puppy mill stud in 2009(?). Vinny is so cute with a great disposition, brindle coat & physique that they kept and bred him for years, neglecting all the things puppies need early in life to be confident happy beings. Those years were rough giving him deformed front outer claws and broken teeth, but life is much happier and relaxing now in his forever home.

Vinny started out in somewhere in SW Ohio and ended up in Columbus with a very nice MWBTR foster named Megan. She helped him early when he was very unsure and scared. Probably because he's so darned cute & polite, she aimed to adopt Vinny.... until unexpected changes moved Vinny out and into a new foster's home in Indy. Since he was already an adult dog and never really learn his name well, Vinny's name became Rudy again and he spent his time playing & napping with his buddy Cooper and his new foster Max.

Then finally in 2011, MWBTR found a home for him back in Columbus OH with Neil.
Vinny left Indy on Jan 9th and began his new life in his forever home. He whimpered once in the car then curled up & napped all the way home. It was a few weeks before Vinny became accustom to flooring & stairs without carpet and all the changes of a new home, but now Vinny is a happy & healthy Boston.

Vinny loves his neck & cheeks massaged, pork-based snacks and a good belly rub. Each night, Vinny sleeps with his best friend in a king sized bed. Vinny loves to scent drift on walks and has a remarkably sharp nose, loves steamed broccoli with his kibble and goes to the leash free dog parks & on long walks on weekends. Mid-day naps in the sunshine is where Vinny finds peaceful nirvana.

In spite of his bad experiences before MWBTR, the enduring Boston Terrier personality shines through in Vinny. He epitomizes the breed as 'a true American Gentleman with and excellent disposition'. Vinny continues to have exceptional manners and his new Dad is convinced that he is the best dog ever & tells him so very often.

Vinny still fears thunderstorms, doesn't like loud noises & has some separation anxiety so depending on the weather forecast and/or his state of mind, he goes to an open doggie day care (no crates) a few times a week and stays ungated at home by himself the remaining weekdays. Vinny is no longer a broken dog, but he's still just a little bit bent. There is a good chance that he will ultimately find his own confidence and independence. He continues to improve but at his age, it just taking a little longer to get there. Given how hard his life began, he'll might always need some extra love to get through the day but he's found a new home where he will always be loved and cared for.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Duke Manny VonFenway

'Manny' (a.k.a. Duke Manfred Von Fenway) was rescued from a puppy mill after almost nine months of being trapped helpless in a small cage day and night. Manny was taken into the MWBTR foster home of the wonderfully kind, caring and generous Pat & Day Parker.

After adopting an unwanted, very ill Boston Terrier puppy named Prince (a.k.a. Little Travelin' Prince Edward Jules) from a breeder, we immediately fell in love with the breed and soon decided we wanted another Boston. Refusing to ever buy a dog from a pet store and having very few Boston breeders in our area, we turned to the internet hoping to find a miracle.

We found it in the form of the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue site. We searched through the available dogs for adoption and immediately fell in love with Manny's sad face and even sadder story. When Manny was rescued he was so afraid of everything and everyone, especially men. Apparently the man in charge of the puppy mill was not a nice one!

Manny had been diagnosed with a bad case of mange, a very bad case on his ears in particular. Knowing full well that adopting a dog like Manny would not be easy or instantly gratifying, we started our adoption campaign.

We first met Manny when Pat brought him over to our apartment. He cowered at even the sight of our eyes meeting him, and was very shy around our rambunctious Prince Edward, who is very tenacious and full of vigor (to say the least).

We both fell instantly in love with him and absolutely had to have him. Soon we finally were granted the amazing honor and privilege to be Manny's new daddy and mommy.

We adopted Manny on a Monday, brought him home, and tried our best to make him comfortable. Prince was, of course, jumping all over him and so energetically ecstatic to play with him; Manny was definitely overwhelmed. Day after day Manny has gotten more and more outgoing, friendly and playful. Manny and Prince are the best of friends as well as brothers; they are inseparable.

Manny sleeps in bed every night, under 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and jacquard satin bedding. Manny, no longer needing to eat his food while frightened in his cage, eats out in the open next to Prince. Manny and Prince dine on organic holistic dog food.

Manny has no doubt overcome many of his fears and challenges. He is much more outgoing, affectionate and playful. Our vet has confirmed that Manny is in perfect health, his mange cleared up and he is seemingly very content. He used to excrete anal gland fluid whenever he felt in danger which was most of the time. Since moving to our new home, Manny has yet to display any outward signs of that extreme reaction.

Still somewhat skittish and wary of strangers, Manny will probably always retain some special needs and attention. We are very fortunate and blessed to have Manny in our lives. It took a lot of faith and trust for the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue to entrust Manny's future and well being with us and we are forever indebted and grateful.

Joe DiMaggio & Lori Prenkert, Three Oaks, MI

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My baby girl!!

I really dont know how things in life just happen but when and if they do there always is areason for everything. In this case, it was the best thing that could of happened to our little family.

August of 2010, my Stella beanie baby whos original name was Shotzie came into my life kinda quickly and unplanned. I work with Cheryl, one of the MWBTR devoted volenteers and sweetest foster mommy any boston could want. I love dogs all kinds and am always asking cheryl whats going on with the rescue and what they had brought into the rescue and if she was getting any fosters. Oddly enough last August, Cheryl was telling me about a sad case about a female dog named shotzie about 8 years old who was terribly abused and was surrendered to the rescue with an eyesocket wide open with no eye and no explanation and no medical attention to it. The owners wanted to trade this poor baby for a new younger boston. Without thought I looked at cheryl and said " I want her" I had not even talked to my boyfriend to see if it was ok to bring another dog into the house (LOL). But knowing that my 80lb loveable bulldog would have no problem I was determined. Cherly went right to the rescue about her and me adopting her, but I had to wait a little while, My little Stella Bean had to go through eye surgery and have some of her wounds on her neck cleared up.

About 2 weeks after all that and filling out adoption paperwork, I recieved notice that Stella was mine and that I was able to pick her up before her stiches came out or if I wanted to wait till she was healed. I wanted her right then and there and picked her up. I did not care that I was going to have to nurse this poor sweetheart back to good health. When I pulled up and Stella and Cherly were waiting for me, I just started to cry so hard. I was crying happy tears and tears of sadness for what this poor baby had been through but when I approched her she was the sweetest most gentle liovable little thing, that you would never know had any harm ever done to her other then her appearence. I think I cried the rest of the night that day into the next. Bringing her home was no problem. She was nervous and confused but my bully whos name is Cheese was so excited to have a sister and someone he could be with while we went to work. They were perfect for each other and are best of friends. They never are more then a foot away from one another. The first thing I did was change Shotzies name to Stella..and Beanie baby just came later as her nick name..She answers to stella and bean all the time. She does not remember her old name, I wanted her to not remember anything about her past. From that day on and forward Stella was only going to know what a good life is and what love is all about.

I have to say, I really didnt know how hard the next couple months were going to be. Stella had terrible eating and drinking water issues. I had to sit and hand feed her and try everything in the world to get her to have water. I thought raising a puppy was hard, but that seriously is nothing compared to trying to make an older dog who only feared her life before she met us, understand that we would never hurt her.

Now, it is April of 2011 we have had stella for 7 months , and she is such a sweet loveable little baby. She lives for us. Alwasy cuddles with us and lives the life she deserves. To date, we have finally got dinner down to a science and her and her brother enjoy dinner together and Stella drinks water out of her bowl whenever she wants without any fear. Stella had to undergo another surgery on her eye, but having it redone was a good thing because it looks alot better and I was able to have her teeth cleaned while she was put under. She is beautiful and to be honest, you can not tell she has only one eye. I forget all the time she has one eye. Im so happy with her and just love her so much. Adopting her was the BEST thing I have ever done and the most rewarding. I since then become a volenteer myself, and want to do what ever I can as far as donations with the rescue and other rescues because they do such a great thing everyday. Thank you MWBTR for bringing my little stella into my life. She really makes us smile everyday. And her brother cheese wouldnt know life without her anymore and she knows that.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

My little Sassy girl

It is funny how things turn out. I visited the MWBTR booth at the Arlington Family Pet show with the hopes of adopting a totally different little girl. When I got there and submitted my application they told me that the girl I wanted was spoken for.

I went to the Web site frequently and saw another 2 dogs I was interested in. My niece and nephew looked with me. I saw one girl Lizzie and another Sassy. I visited Lizzie and Sassy both days apart and Sassy melted my heart!

She had been hit by a car as a puppy and was missing her left eye and so was I. It was love at first sight!

She has bonded with her Pug buddies and helps us at various rescue functions. She shows people that even big dogs need homes. She's put her name on the house. It's her's and she's not going anywhere.
Life has had its ups and downs. She loves to travel with her mom. We love to go to the pet store and have even gone to Minnesota. She loves to ride in the car. But, I had no idea my little girl had so many allergies. The vet and I tried so many things before doing a blood test. Thank God we did, because now we both know what to avoid and Sassy's not itchy anymore.

We have taken pictures at each holiday and birthday. One picture here is her second Christmas with me. She was not too excited to be with the snow man but allowed me to take the picture. Tonight we will be celebrating her 8th birthday, complete with doggie birthday cake!

At home, she owns the couch. No matter where mom sits, that is where Sassy needs to be. She has her favorite pillows, her favorite shows on tv and she keeps me laughing all the time.

I love this little girl. She has made my life complete. In the 2 years she has been with me, I have been the luckiest mommy in the whole world!